Lake Tahoe: Donner Pass Tunnels, Shirley Canyon, Chimney Beach, and More (video)

Here’s a nice video of the Lake Tahoe area from Mark and Tricia of Keep Your Daydream. Watch full screen for the best quality. It’s a long video, so skip ahead to areas of interest if needed. [Source: YouTube, 22 Oct 2017]


“The Lake Tahoe fun continues with exploring the abandoned train tunnels near Donner Pass, hiking Shirley Canyon and cliff jumping at Chimney Beach. We also take a few minutes to share some of the best things to do in Tahoe and our favorite places to eat including Sunny Sides, Jakes on the Lake, Fire Sign Café and Garwoods. But don’t forget to grab some ice cream at the Tahoe City mall (second floor).” [More…]

Hidden Gift Inside the Video!

So, there’s a hidden ‘gift’ inside the video in the form of a tip about an app called Geocaching. If you’ve never heard of Geocaching before, then you’re in for a surprise. It’s really a great app for people who travel and like adventures that combine mobile devices with hiking, biking and exploring areas. Spoiler alert: You’ll find the description of Geocaching at 17m 36s into the video.

Video Commentary and Critique

If you’ve followed Mark and Tricia’s adventures, you know that their videos are partly a personal record of their family travels, along with some helpful tips to those interested in visiting various designations. So, there’s some humor and family fun mixed in with the travel tips. As a result, these aren’t compressed 2 minute videos of National Geographic quality distilled footage. The flavor is a bit more casual and authentic as a result. It’s helpful to know this ahead of time so you can appreciate the videos for what they are.

There’s some very crisp drone footage, but most of the video and stills are standard definition apparently recorded with smartphones and sometimes not much stabilization.

Like most of us, they apparently didn’t invest in a $7,000 medium format digital camera and a $50,000 RED video camera. So, it’s not 4K video with professional camera gimbal stabilizer, but this ads to the authenticity of their videos. They don’t have a sterile commercial feel to them.

Photo Credit: The header photo for this page is a screen shot from the above video by Mark and Tricia Leach.

This post was created on 18 Jul 2018 at 8:16 AM PT. It was post dated to reflect the date the video was posted to YouTube.

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