Here are some education resources for the Lake Tahoe area with selected excerpts from respective websites.

Lake Tahoe Community College

Effectiveness: “The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) aims to continuously build and support a culture of inquiry and evidence-based decision making. The department supports student success and pursues institutional excellence by providing support and leadership in the areas of accreditation, planning, research, assessment, and evaluation. This is accomplished through objective coordination, collection, organization, compilation, and dissemination of information concerning the characteristics and performance of the College.” [More…]

History: “The alpine town of South Lake Tahoe, located on Lake Tahoe’s southern end, first expressed an interest in hosting a community college back in 1964, a year before the City of South Lake Tahoe was first established. On March 5, 1974, voters approved the formation of a community college district with 66% of the vote, and the first Board of Trustees was elected. Dr. James Duke was hired by the Board in September 1974 as the college’s first president. LTCC opened its doors for the first time on Sept. 18, 1975, in a converted motel on Highway 50. In its first year, 119 classes were offered to 1,407 students. The first graduating class of Spring 1976 consisted of 11 students. … In 2002, the Physical Education building and Student Center opened. The 26,000-square-foot Physical Education building includes a gymnasium, fitness education center, dance studio, and locker rooms. The culinary arts program moved into its own teaching kitchen in the 10,000-square-foot Student Center. In 2006, the campus opened a new 27,000-square-foot library and the Haldan Art Gallery. The library was renamed the Roberta L. Mason Library in 2014, in honor of LTCC’s first Board of Trustees president, Roberta Mason.” [More…]

Governance: “Lake Tahoe Community College District Board of Trustees recognizes that faculty, administration, staff, and students possess diverse experiences and knowledge; and to not utilize these resources would be a wasted opportunity. … In order to create effective policy, it is imperative for all parties who partake in the governance process to be genuinely committed to our students, our vocation, and our institution. To LTCC, participating effectively in governance means to have a respect for divergent opinions, confidence in other participators, and a penchant to cooperate for the better of the institution. It is the objective that all participants to collectively develop recommendations for governing board action. With this goal in mind, LTCC uses consensus decision-making as the definitive way to participate effectively. Consensus decision-making is fashioned to create a collaborative environment where all group members can voice concerns before making the best possible decision for a shared proposal. Additionally, it acknowledges the need for all groups participants to submit equal input into the process. The consensus decision-making encourages members to place the good of the group above individual goals and preferences.” [More…]

Lake Tahoe Educational Foundation

“Founded in 1989, the Lake Tahoe Educational Foundation has dedicated itself to excellence in education by helping to support the educational programs and needs of the Lake Tahoe Unified School District in South Lake Tahoe, California. The Foundation is a public, non-profit organization run by a 21 member volunteer board with no overhead administrative costs. The school district has a population of over 4,000 students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. The Lake Tahoe Educational Foundation (LTEF) provides funds to all schools to support enrichment programs. This is done through a fall season grant request process. LTEF provides $40,000 to $60,000 each year in enrichment grants.” [More…]

Lake Tahoe School

About: “Lake Tahoe School, originally founded in 1997 under the name Incline Academy with a mission to provide a carefully articulated, highly academic program, quickly grew, adding grades yearly, into a Pre-K through Eighth Grade School by 2001. Incline Academy became Lake Tahoe School (LTS) in 2002 and then within a year, its visionary Board of Trustees, acquired a new three-story building with room for 24 classrooms and appreciable office space. In the spring of 2011, LTS appointed Mrs. Ruth Huyler Glass as Head of School. Mrs. Glass’s career as an educator and leader in independent schools has provided a wealth of experience and expertise essential to running a great school: faculty recruitment, management and development; curriculum design and implementation; budgeting; admissions; and fundraising. Mrs. Glass will retire at the end of June 2018. A highly dedicated team of teachers, administrators and staff totaling 29 professionals (44% holding advanced degrees) with an average of 10 years teaching experience, sits at the core of LTS’s success. The student: teacher ratio is 6 to 1 with an average class size of 14. A dedicated Board of Trustees, steadfastly working to support the creation of a superlative independent school in the Lake Tahoe region, helps to guide and support LTS and the Head of School. Its recent approval of a campus renovation and expansion plan that will greatly benefit the School and entire Incline Village community is an example of its vision for the future.” [More…]

Lake Tahoe Unified School District

“The Lake Tahoe Unified School District, working collaboratively with parents and the community, will provide a quality learning environment in which all students develop competence in basic skill areas and are prepared to be responsible, contributing citizens. High standards of achievement for all students and staff are expected. Expectations will be clearly defined and tools for their attainment will be provided. Opportunities and a structure for students and staff to set high goals and evaluate their attainment will be established. We believe that unity will be a product of this collective vision.” [More…]

Tahoe Expedition Academy

“Because we believe humans have a heart of gold and the power to make a difference in the world… In 2011 we designed a new school model to update education for today’s world. Powered by Constructive Adversity, we are inspiring a new generation of creative problem solvers with a social conscience. And we are growing TEA’s magic in order to reach thousands of young people far beyond the shores of Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Expedition Academy is a fully accredited PreK-12th-Grade Private School located in Martis Valley, between the north shore of Lake Tahoe and the town of Truckee, California. Our first graduates are enrolled in some of the nation’s best colleges and universities and are having a positive impact on the world around them.” [More…]

“Why is TEA right for you? The Answer is Simple: By focusing on life skills and character as much as academic knowledge, TEA ensures you have the attributes, know-how, and practice you need for college, career, and life readiness. Click here to see the results. … We are committed to providing the financial assistance necessary to ensure we are enrolling the best students and families. Plain and simple: If you can contribute to our community, then we want you here. This means that regardless of your financial situation, a TEA education is completely within reach. And that includes all adventures and trips, the cost of which is included in tuition. We cannot overstate what an important difference this makes.” [More…]